This initiative seeks to elevate the value of early care and education jobs in California. The central focus of this initiative is on increasing the pay and improving the working conditions of early educators working in home, community, and school settings. It also seeks to promote authentic, unbiased, clear pathways for career advancement.


The long-term goal of the CA Workforce major initiative is is that diverse individuals, regardless of race, gender, culture, primary language, geographic location, and work setting, have access to professional learning opportunities that meet their needs, receive fair compensation and benefits based on qualifications, and have authentic, unbiased, and straightforward pathways to career advancement.

Priority Areas

  • Funding practitioner voice
  • Calling for additional state and/or federal funding directed toward compensation for ECE professionals with the intent to achieve compensation and working conditions that are on par with the K-12
  • Increasing public perception of the importance of ECE professionals
  • Increasing access to affordable, quality preparation
  • Supporting access to professional learning aligned to career advancement