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    Grant Amount

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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Learning Policy InstituteEducation, Enabling Conditions$50,0002021to develop safe reopening guidelines for schools with a focus on California
    Asian American-Pacific Islanders in PhilanthropyCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$10,0002021for 2021 and 2022 membership dues
    Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs Inc.Human Rights$150,0002021for Solutions NOT Punishment
    Child Care Law CenterEducation, Enabling Conditions$300,0002021for general support
    Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors IncClimate and Clean Energy, Opportunity & Other$100,0002021for the Just Transition Fund
    Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New YorkScience, Climate Change Science$995,1482021for studying Solar System dynamics through the analysis of Triassic and Jurassic geological records
    Partnership Project Inc.Climate and Clean Energy, Climate Policy$700,0002021for the Equitable & Just National Climate Forum
    EVHybridNoireClimate and Clean Energy, Transform Energy Sectors$200,0002021for general support
    Erikson InstituteEducation, Effective Practice$250,0002021for activities focused on racial justice in early mathematics
    National Association for Family School and Community EngagementEducation, Effective Practice$1,920,0002021for the National Center for Family Math implementation
    Blueprint North CarolinaHuman Rights$50,0002021for Raleigh People's Actions Community Taskforce
    Forward JusticeHuman Rights$100,0002021for the Second Chance Alliance
    William J Brennan Jr Center for Justice IncCommunity and Opportunity, CEO Fund$200,0002021for 2020 census and redistricting reform
    Foundation Financial Officers Group Inc.Community and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$24,8002021for 2021 & 2022 membership dues ($4,800) and general support ($20,000)
    Texas Organizing Project Education FundHuman Rights$300,0002021for criminal justice and immigration rights work
    PolicyLinkHuman Rights$250,0002021for the People's Coalition for Safety and Freedom
    Forward ChangeHuman Rights$40,0002021to provide Reimagine Richmond community group with technical and advocacy support to transform policing in Richmond, California.
    Alternate Roots Inc.Human Rights$200,0002021for general support
    San Jose Grail Family ServicesEducation, Effective Practice$300,0002021for general support
    CANGRESS/Los Angeles Community Action NetworkHuman Rights$100,0002021for the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition
    Californians Dedicated to Education FoundationEducation, Effective Practice$15,0002021for 2021 CA Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM) Symposium
    Futuro Media GroupCommunity and Opportunity, Journalism$200,0002021for general support
    Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law CaucusHuman Rights$450,0002021for general support
    Environmental Defense Fund, Inc.Climate and Clean Energy, Climate Policy$2,000,0002021for general support
    Network on Women in PrisonHuman Rights$75,0002021for All of Us or None Texas' mapping work and video stories project

    The list above contains awards approved by the Foundation. These are primarily grants, but also include direct charitable activities (DCAs) and program-related investments (PRIs). DCAs are distributions a foundation makes to conduct its own charitable activities, rather than by or through other organi­zations. PRIs are investments with a charitable purpose for which the Foundation’s primary purpose is not to produce income. Under IRS regulations, the expenses associated with DCAs and PRIs count toward a foundation’s qualifying distributions and are reported on its IRS Form 990-PF.

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