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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Tides FoundationEducation, Early Math$750,0002017for support for the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
    Third Sector New England Inc.Local and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$30,0002017for 2017 membership dues for the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative
    Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable TechnologiesClimate & Clean Energy, Regulatory Interventions - Regional$175,0002017to advance clean energy in the western U.S.
    University of California Santa BarbaraScience, Other$1,207,0792017to evaluate whether quantum processes are operational in the brain
    Thrive AllianceLocal and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$1,0002017for 2017 membership dues
    Aspen Center for PhysicsScience, Communications & Linkages$25,0002017for the High Temperature Superconductivity Unifying Themes in Diverse Materials conference
    National Public Education Support FundLocal and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$25,0002017for 2018 membership dues for Education Funder Strategy Group
    Northern California GrantmakersLocal and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$20,0002017for 2017 annual conference sponsorship
    New America FoundationEducation, Dual Language Learners$450,0002017for the Dual Language Learner National Work Group
    Mission Investors Exchange, IncLocal and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$2,0002017for 2018 membership dues
    ThreespotLocal and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$19,8302017for a webinar and technical assistance to grantees
    National Governors Association Center for Best PracticesEducation, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$250,0002017to support governors and their key policy staff in understanding best practices in early care and education
    Union of Concerned ScientistsClimate & Clean Energy, Regulatory Interventions - Regional$9,0002017an additional $9,000 amendment to grant 2017-346 to advance California climate and clean energy leadership
    Neo Philanthropy Inc.Human Rights, Undocumented Communities$20,0002017to engage NEO's senior fellow Kung Li to explore the current mass criminalization and immigration landscape and to plan and convene a group of funders to direct resources to priority needs in the field
    Educational Commission of the StatesEducation, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$200,0002017for technical assistance to states to align policy and practice levers to improve K-3 alignment
    The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior UniversityScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$510,0002017for equipment and initial development of the Dark Matter Radio search for ultra-light axions and hidden photons
    Asian Pacific Environmental NetworkClimate & Clean Energy, Intellectual Foundation$50,0002017for research and policy analysis to improve local air quality
    Latino Community FoundationLocal and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$40,0002017for the NorCal Wildfire Relief Fund
    Yale UniversityScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$375,0002017for the 51 Pegasi b Fellowship
    InsideOUT Writers IncLocal and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$30,0002017for general support
    Community InitiativesHuman Rights, Justice Reform$70,0002017for Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth
    Silicon Valley Council of NonprofitsLocal and Emerging Opportunities, Local$75,3872017for 2017 membership dues ($1,500) and the Early Childhood Leadership Program ($73,887)
    Tides CenterHuman Rights, Justice Reform$800,0002017for Californians for Safety and Justice's full range of strategies to reduce incarceration and strengthen the visibility and voices of crime survivors in the movement for smarter justice policies focused on prevention and healthy communities
    Fortified DesignEducation, Family Engagement$3,2502017for a series of communications materials aiming toincrease awareness of the work of FEIP and its partner organizations
    Community InitiativesLocal and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$5,0002017for 2017 and 2018 Bay Area Early Childhood Funders Membership Dues
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