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    Grant Amount

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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Darcy CourteauCommunity and Opportunity, Journalism$100,0002020for the 2020 American Mosaic Journalism Prize
    Grantmakers for EducationCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$11,2002020for 2020 membership dues
    Health Federation of PhiladelphiaEducation, Opportunity$500,0002020for Home Grown’s COVID-19 effort to seed home-based child care provider emergency funds in up to 10 communities
    Reach Institute for School LeadershipEducation, Effective Practice$75,0002020for general support
    Youth RadioCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$20,0002020for general support
    Tides CenterCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$25,0002020for Abriendo Puertas in response to COVID-19
    Center for Common GroundCommunity and Opportunity, CEO Fund$25,0002020for general support
    Regents of the University of California at IrvineScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$376,0832020to develop technology and techniques that will advance the state-of-the-art in exoplanet imaging
    Science DCAScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$200,0002020for 51 Pegasi b Science Summit expenses
    Silicon Valley Community FoundationEducation, Enabling Conditions$400,0002020for COVID-19 early care and education regional response including seeding three home-based child care emergency funds
    Silicon Valley Community FoundationCommunity and Opportunity, CEO Fund$100,0002020for COVID-19 Regional Response Fund in Santa Clara County
    Parent Institute for Quality Education IncCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$25,0002020for general support
    Opportunity Fund Community DevelopmentCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$25,0002020for general support from COVID-19 Response Fund
    Aspen Global Change Institute Inc.Climate and Clean Energy, Transform Energy Sectors$650,0002020for research, analysis, and technical support to advance a low-carbon future
    William J Brennan Jr Center for Justice IncCommunity and Opportunity, CEO Fund$200,0002020for 2020 Census project
    Northern California GrantmakersCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$51,7502020for 2020 Membership Dues ($16,750), annual conference sponsorship ($10,000) & CCJF Dues ($25,000)
    San Jose JazzCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$15,0002020for general support from the Coronavirus Grantee Rapid Response Fund
    Marine Science InstituteCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$15,0002020for general support
    Sunrise Movement Education FundClimate and Clean Energy, Opportunity & Other$150,0002020for general support
    Community and Opportunity, CEO Fund, Science, Women in Physics & Astronomy$198,6002020for a series of art projects featuring and celebrating women in science
    Consumer Reports Inc.Climate and Clean Energy, Transform Energy Sectors$175,0002020to advance clean vehicle standards and sustainable consumer products
    Homies Unidos IncHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$10,0002020for the Homies Unidos 20th Anniversary dinner celebration
    PEAK GrantmakingCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$5,1522020for 2020 membership dues
    University of OregonEducation, Opportunity$300,0042020for a rapid response research study on COVID-19 family well-being
    Native American Journalists AssociationCommunity and Opportunity, Journalism$5,0002020for the 2020 National Native Media Conference sponsorship
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