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Climate Change Stories From Hispanic Communities

In 2017, a national study conducted by grantee the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) revealed that self-identified Hispanics in the United States are highly engaged with the issue of climate change.

Pursuant to this finding, the Foundation’s Climate and Clean Energy program has supported the production of 25 radio episodes of YPCCC’s Climate Connections specifically focused on the Hispanic community, a demographic often overlooked in conversations about climate change.

The episodes feature personal stories and constructive solutions to reduce climate-related risks. One story from this series is Javier Camacho’s, a software engineer who developed solar generators with laptop batteries to help fellow Puerto Ricans affected by the massive power outage that followed Hurricane María.

Listen to Javier’s story by clicking on the audio player below, and find all of YPCCC’s Climate Connections radio episodes here.


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