Information about the review process and timeline of the open call for support of Science events and gatherings is provided below.

Review Process

Science program staff will review applications using the following criteria:

  • Impact on the field or community: the event will have a positive impact on or importance for the scientific field and/or community by, e.g.,
      • Bringing together groups that have not had the opportunity to previously connect
      • Collecting, generating, teaching, or disseminating new information
      • Addressing an important challenge
      • Supporting groups in the field that have been historically marginalized
  • Feasibility
        • The event budget (including any additional committed funds) and overall plan is sufficient to carry out the proposed activities
        • The organizing team is well-suited to fulfill the goals of the event
  • Inclusion, diversity, and accessibility
      • The event organizers have a sufficient plan to ensure the event is inclusive, accessible, and representative of diverse identities
  • Financial need
      • The event has not been able to take place previously due to a lack of funding, or typical funding is not currently available
  • Program goals
      • The event will expand the Science program’s reach in communities relevant to our program in new ways
      • The event contributes to the Program’s overall goals and priorities