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Author: Nondas Paschos

Human Rights Day: A Funder’s Perspective On the Crisis at the U.S.-Mexico Border

The Heising-Simons Foundation’s Human Rights program has contributed an essay to Article 3’s digital anthology, “The Next 25: A Collection of Essays on the Future of Human Rights,” outlining its grantmaking approach to the humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico Border. The essay is reproduced in full below. An Intersectional Approach to the Crisis at the …

Welcoming Our New Chief Financial Officer

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Luu, currently the chief financial officer and treasurer at Humanity United, has accepted our offer to join the Heising-Simons Foundation as our chief financial officer. 

Dr. Rebecca Gomez Q&A with Child Care Aware of America

“We came so very close to getting a historic entitlement for child care in this country via Build Back Better, [and] even though we did not succeed, I think it’s important to recognize that advocates and organizers have, working in coalition, fundamentally changed the conversation about child care in this country,” said Dr. Rebecca Gomez in a Q&A with grantee Child Care Aware® of America.

A Multi-Faceted View of Solar System Worlds

To Dr. Katherine de Kleer, science is at its best when diverse areas of study converge. Her career is an inspired case in point, drawing people and perspectives together to sharpen our understanding of the enormous, enigmatic cosmos.

Why Using Natural Gas for Energy is an Obstacle to Climate Progress

In our fight to avert a climate catastrophe, we must phase out every use of fossil fuels that significantly contributes to global warming pollution. While coal consumption in the United States is on its way out and more people are turning to electric vehicles, natural gas has remained stubbornly persistent. Approximately one-third of the country’s primary energy needs are supplied by natural gas, with most of that going to generating electricity, heating homes and buildings, and acting as a feedstock for industrial purposes.

Roland Hwang’s Op-Ed: Don’t Let Big Oil Stop Clean Transportation

As more people turn to electric vehicles, the oil industry is using political power and disinformation to delay a shift to clean transportation.

Heising-Simons Foundation Joins the Democracy Frontlines Fund in Support of Racial Justice Groups

Heising-Simons Foundation has joined the Democracy Frontlines Fund (DFF), an initiative of the Libra Foundation to support racial justice organizing. The initiative was launched in 2020, following the murder of George Floyd, in solidarity with the historic civil rights uprising. Heising-Simons joins 13 other funders who are collectively committing $35.5 million over three years.

Collaboration Meets Inspiration to Advance Planetary Science

Hot Jupiters. Super-Earths. There is nothing like these types of exoplanets in our own solar system—which makes them an ideal focus for Dr. Songhu Wang’s research. His goal is to explore how our solar system fits into the grander scheme of the cosmos.

Rebecca Gomez Op-Ed Urges Congress to Invest in Child Care as $39 Billion in Federal Funding Expire

A vast majority of voters believe it’s important for working parents to be able to find and afford quality child care for young children. When Congress lets $39 billion in federal child-care funds made available through the American Rescue Plan Act expire at the end of this month, the consequences for providers, educators, families, and workers will be catastrophic.