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Fellow: Eva Scheller, Ph.D.

Eva Scheller’s inspiration to probe the enigmatic past of water on Mars ignited during a California Institute of Technology exchange program. Bridging the worlds of laboratory experimentation, remote data science, and theory, Eva examines the history of geological processes on terrestrial planets to decipher markers of habitability. In a breakthrough moment, she confirmed that most… Continue Reading

Fellow: Malena Rice, Ph.D.

Throughout a career that has traversed Spain, Iceland, and the Great Barrier Reef, Malena Rice has focused her sights on the faraway, unexplored corners of our solar system. She applies theory, observation, and computational techniques in her investigations of the outer solar system and its vast potential for astronomical discovery—including Planet Nine, an icy world… Continue Reading

Fellow: Brittany Miles, Ph.D. candidate

For Brittany Miles, her work is most meaningful when she collaborates with others to shed light on profound challenges. Brittany’s expertise lies in mid-infrared observations of brown dwarfs—astronomical objects that share properties with both planets and stars. By placing unique constraints on the atmospheric structures of these cold objects, she provides a template for predicting… Continue Reading

Fellow: Leonardo Krapp, Ph.D.

Leonardo Krapp was first compelled to pursue planet formation research upon seeing an astonishing image: a distant and diverse planet-incubating environment captured by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope. As a computational astrophysicist, Leonardo reproduces the conditions where exoplanets are born using complex 3D models. These simulations of the entire protoplanetary disk zoom in… Continue Reading

Fellow: Paul Dalba, Ph.D.

Paul Dalba has felt that planetary astronomy offers the perfect balance of familiarity and imagination, from the time he peered through a telescope in his youth to viewing freshly captured images from the Cassini spacecraft at NASA. Paul works at the overlap of theory and observation to discover the unknown in his niche: exoplanets akin… Continue Reading

Person: Sedina Sinanovic

Sedina Sinanovic is a program associate for the Climate and Clean Energy program at the Heising-Simons Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2022, she was a fellow with the Schmidt Family Foundation where she researched climate change implications on human rights and its intersections with conflict, migration, and climate justice issues. She has previously… Continue Reading

Page: Organizational Effectiveness for Foundation Grantees

The Heising-Simons Foundation supports organizational effectiveness (OE) to help current Foundation grantees address organizational needs in a variety of areas — including talent investment, financial health, strategic communications, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Grants are meant to complement the grantee’s core program grant, and address key and timely organizational priorities. The Foundation’s OE  initiatives… Continue Reading

Grant Highlight: Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation

District Innovation and Leadership in Early Learning (DIAL EE) is fiscally sponsored by Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation, an organization that partners with state and local education leaders and entities to build a strong and valued public education system that serves every student.

Grant Highlight: Public Media Group of Southern California

With a mission to use the power of media for public good, Public Media Group of Southern California (PMGSC) creates, curates, and distributes content and experiences that open people’s minds, lift spirits, and connect people to each other and to the world.